Introduction to Ultra Beam Lighting

Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd is one of the UK’s finest lighting supplier with over 20 years of industrial experience. They are known for their wide range of quality products available in very affordable prices. Based on the need and demand of the market they cater to each and every one of the customers lightening needs and their exclusive range of LED reading lights are a perfect example of going beyond the box to figure out what their customers could and will need in order to obtain the perfect lightening condition in a certain scenario.

Why would you need Reading Lights?

Ultra Beam Lightening Ltd design team have put themselves in all sorts of scenarios to answer this question. If you enjoy late night reading and don’t want to disturb others in the room while doing so Ultra Beam Lightening provides you with an exclusive range of LED reading lights to match your interior design and make the added light not look awkwardly placed along or on your bed. Multiple elegant designs to choose from depending on whether you want to use an external switch for the lamp or mount the Reading Lights for Bed directly (to the lines running in the walls).

Atsi,Baresi and Nero 3 Watt wall mounted LED reading lights;

These designs are simple yet very elegant, coming in black and silver they consume low power (3 watts) and produce a 3200k warm light when plugged into the standard 240 V supply. The average life of the LED is 50,000 hours and the product comes with a 12 months guarantee as well. The polished chrome back plate with adjustable aluminum arms give you added ease of use.

Seville (single and twin) and Rapino wall mounted LED reading lights:
These lights come with top of the range 3 watt CREE LEDs installed with 120 lumen light output making the the optimal reading light for you. The head of these lights can be twisted to your preferred position and the neat touch button located on the back plate gives you added ease of use. They come with a 3 year guarantee and 50,000 hours of rated life.

LWA225 Twin 2 and Jet Black wall mounted LED reading light:

The jet black wall mounted reading light gives you the added option of a plug which you can insert into any socket nearby. This saves you the trouble of drilling a hole to mount the LED. These lights also come equipped with CREE LED’s and produce a sufficient 140 lumens of light output. Their arm can bee adjusted to any degree you want so you can direct the light to the exact position you want it to be. The chrome finish gives them and elite look and they maybe the best option available out there for you!

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